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Super awesome event December 9, 2017!!!

Join in the fun and adventure at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park in this first ever adventure hunt trail event to walk or run (1 mile,  3 mile or 10K)  on some new fantastic trails in this newly opened park.  

This is all levels welcome, family friendly event, dog friendly, that will be fun for all from the seasoned trail runner to the casual explorer, run or walk - you choose..  

Your adventure will start at the Skunk Ape Headquarters where you will receive a Field guide, Skunk Ape food, Skunk Ape Hunt Training, and then once you get your Skunk Ape Hunting Permit, you are ready to hunt for Skunk Ape, along well marked newly opened trails of your chosen length.  Your goal is to collect the wristbands at the sites of Skunk Ape possible sightings.  You will have a two hours to explore, you will have plenty of time to collect wristbands and take pictures of possible sightings.  

Then return the wristbands to the Skunk Ape Headquarters to receive your fantastic unique finishers medal*, pizza and soda, and be eligible for awesome raffles and giveaways at the after party.  Each wristband earned gives you a better chance of winning!  This is an untimed event.  All race participants are eligible for wonderful prizes and giveaways at the after party, every wristband you earn on your Skunk Ape Hunt is another ticket of entry, so keep a lookout for clues!  CLICK BELOW TO SIGN UP AND MORE DETAILS.